Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Summer Running Streak, Day #93

So I've hit ninety-three days. I keep going back to my Strava calendar and counting, thinking that I must have skipped a number in there. But sure enough, the math checks out. There is more summer to come, as you'll read below, but this is sort of the official end of summer for me.

Tomorrow the busy season begins at work. So the wife and I will be carpooling to daycare drop-offs, managing pick-ups along with all our other conflicts and generally back to the lifestyle of the 9-5 workforce. It's a bittersweet thing, because it's nice to belong to a professional community, but rough to feel apart from our child for that much time each day. For her part, baby girl is loving the daycare. Likes the staff, gets along with the kids, has been having fun playing with toys and exploring. I'll have to do my best in the coming weeks to manage my time, so that I can spend enough time with her. Which means either in the morning or late at night I'll need to run, while she is asleep.

I started this thing on Memorial Day as the RW Run Streak runs Memorial Day through Independence Day (July 4). Summer starts June 21 this year (Solstice) and ends on September 22nd (Autumnal Equinox). From that standpoint I have quite a few days of running ahead of me. I'm looking forward to getting there, and then taking some time off before my late October marathon. 

One mile tonight, as I had a very long day at work and am in need of rest. Felt easy, though, even climbing the big hill. Getting up early tomorrow. We'll see how much luck I have getting used to that again.

As a note, if anyone actually reads this blog I apologize for the recent lack of formatting in the posts. I've gone back and fixed it, but truly, that was some absurd wall-of-text stuff. My bad.

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