Thursday, August 25, 2016

Summer Running Streak, Day #88

Strava is down, which is frustrating because I can't sync my run yet.

 One and one quarter miles tonight. Thirteen so far for the week. Planning a good long run for Saturday evening. Hadn't realized how much I had missed the long run (I haven't really run north of thirteen miles in awhile, thinking about it. It is about time to start putting in the duration work.)

 Long day at work, followed by dinner with friends and some night swimming in the Atlantic while my wife and the baby dozed in the pop up shelter on the beach. So much fun, and very relaxing. Tomorrow I'm hoping to sleep a bit late, meet some friends after breakfast and then I'll head into work in the afternoon to finish some things up.

We're rapidly approaching the daycare season, which has it's ups and downs but mostly it is hard not to feel upset at the idea of not spending as much time with baby girl. It has been an amazing summer though, and I'm very grateful that we got this kind of time together as a family because many folks don't.

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