Sunday, August 7, 2016

Summer Running Streak, Day #69

Two miles tonight, running easy.

Eventful day. Have been having some back pain in the center of my back, so I had taken a pain reliever which had lingering effects into the morning (I don't like taking meds so I can't usually predict their effect on me.) Went to breakfast, returned home to find the dog broken out into hives after having consumed baby acetaminophen.

My wife took the dog to the vet, and she ended up being fine. Seems to have had a reaction to an additive, but they weren't concerned about acetaminophen poisoning due to the dog's size and strength of the med. That was a relief but a wake up call that we need to go through and really baby (and dog proof) our house again.

Then went off to the food truck festival, which was so much fun. Got to try some really tasty food and drinks, and then came home and watched the Olympics. It was a warm one today, and we didn't get the thunderstorm we expected when we expected it, so it was not only hot but also sunny at the park. I wore the baby for much of our time there, and she slept quite a bit while I kept the both of us cool with the occasional ice cube. Good times.

Some work tomorrow morning, and then I'm hoping we can take a bit of time to recover from these eventful last few days. I'd really like to get in a good run, as well.

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