Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Summer Running Streak, Day #86

Three and a half miles tonight, late.

Long day at work. Starting to feel more and more tired, so I need to prioritize sleep, I guess. I'm not really sure about when to end this running streak. It has to end sometime, I suppose, and I've enjoyed it, but I know I will want to take some time off before race season really winds up in the fall. So far the plan is to do a 5k, two half marathons, and then a full marathon at the end of October. That will leave a bit of time for recovery in November before I start up the Holiday running streak, which I do every year. 54 miles behind pace to hit my goal of 1,500 miles for 2016. Feeling more attainable all the time.

 Had a good day today with baby girl. The wife was working, so I had her for the bulk of the day. We had breakfast (I introduced her to eggs, hot salsa, and marmite - which she was sort of reluctant about.) Then she napped. Then we played, and she napped more. She came with us to a work function tonight, was OK for awhile and slept through most of it in the wrap on my chest.

It was a good day overall. I'm thinking more and more about upping my running volume to deal with stress. I used to do that back around the busy season at work, and I think it helped. I also know that won't really work without good nutrition, which has been lacking, but that there is also a chance that I'm starting to feel some burn out symptoms from this summer run streak. I'll use this week to reassess where I am and what I need to do.

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