Friday, August 12, 2016

Summer Running Streak, Day #75

One mile tonight.

We've had some really vicious thunderstorms today, and the power blinked a couple of times. Top that off with having a baby who was fussy all day and fought sleep like a true champion, and it was kind of rough. The dog also had an allergic reaction to something, so she spent much of the day in the vet's office while they monitored her.

But we're all doing well now, and having a great time watching the Olympics together. Looks like a very hot day on Sunday for the half marathon that I'm registered for, but I'm still planning to run it. Heat index could reach 105... but I'll tough it out. The plan is to bring ice with me in my waist band and dial in a steady run. Two hours should be doable even in that heat, as I've covered that distance a couple of times this summer already, but we'll see. At the end of the day it is all about finishing.

Tomorrow is pancake Saturday! We always do pancakes on Saturdays, but I haven't actually made pancakes in a couple of weeks so I'll be getting up (somewhat) early to do that. I have some peanut butter and chocolate chips ready to go, along with some bananas for the batter, so this should be a really memorable event.

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