Monday, August 8, 2016

Summer Running Streak, Day #71

Six miles easy tonight.

Had to retire my (year) old Vibram KMDs. There was a rip in the right big toe, and also a hole through the right sole so it was just time. 586 miles doesn't come close to the lifespan of my first pair of Vibram Bikilas, but planned obsolescence is a real thing. The shoe companies can't make money unless they sell more shoes. Ugh.

So I ordered a pair of the KSO Classics which are out, and I'm very happy with them. They are noticeably thinner than the KMDs, and I don't think that I've ever had a pair of VFFs that fit so well, but the heel part is giving me a bit of friction, so some toe socks will be necessary for the next couple of weeks until they wear in.

Planning to register for some races in the next couple of weeks, as I'm debating getting more halfs in and then running a smaller local marathon in the fall. That will make life easier in terms of supporting my wife on her half marathon this fall, as well as giving me a chance to race without taking away too much time from my baby girl.

Great read over here on Life of Dad, Art Eddy interviews Dick Hoyt (of Team Hoyt.) Being a New Englander, I have run my share of events with Team Hoyt and their athletes, and I have so much respect for them as a family. It is really inspiring stuff.

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