Thursday, August 4, 2016

Summer Running Streak, Day #67

Just one mile tonight, as I had a social club meeting and a long day at work.

Very exciting night for the social club as I made some hand cut french fries topped with a Japanese curry sauce, and another member favored us with some sauerkraut, bratwurst and knackwurst cooked up in my cast iron skillet. We made up a large cookie in the skillet after dinner, to accompany the beer tasting. I also got to try Gulden Draak finally! I have always wanted to sample that beer, but found it out of my price range. It was on sale at the store today, and much to my delight as it is a delightful beer.

This once-a-month club has been a really important fixture in my life -- no matter how unpleasant a night's sleep is, or how tough it is to soothe a teething baby, my wife and I both enjoy a committed time to kick back with friends and enjoy ourselves while relating stories of our families. I've no doubt that these friendships have been strengthened by this annual meeting.

Off to hike the northernmost section of RI's North-South trail tomorrow -- hopefully about five miles. I have been there before, but have no recollection of the trail head so I'm looking forward to a jaunt down memory lane.

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