Saturday, August 20, 2016

Summer Running Streak, Day #83

Fifteen and a half miles tonight. Cool weather, and a nice night for a run along the coast. Sleepy getting out the door but good to be on my feet. The course took me back into my old stomping grounds two towns over, which meant some nice running through dark wooded areas (headlamp required) and along the bay with a nice view of the distant bridges.

Listened to the entirety of Holst's The Planets along the way, and reveled in the joy and dance-like motion of Jupiter. It has long been one of my favorite works, and it adds a really celebratory feel to any run, but especially a night run through the woods and along the coast with a clear sky and a view of several constellations!

Mahler once said that, "A symphony is like the world, it should contain everything," and I starting to feel similarly about running: without the discomfort of a long run one would never be able to truly appreciate the joy of movement in the good stretches. The contrast adds a lot to the fullness of the experience. Plus, nothing can spirit one out of mental discomfort quite like the soulful melody of Thaxted.

Went and did some shopping for clothes for work today. It was a big day at the outlets that left the wife, daughter, and I totally wiped. Came home, ordered pizza, and had a long nap for two hours. Could probably have slept through but I had wanted to get a long run in tonight.

About a year ago I registered this domain. Things were a lot different for me then: I was an expectant father full of nerves and excitement for the challenges to come. I didn't know how extensive the online parenting community was, and I was feeling a bit like I was about to jump into the ocean on New Year's Day.

I'm happy to say that all of that has changed, and that I have changed a bit, too. I've found a big online community of parenting enthusiasts and other fathers, and they have all been very friendly while we share our humor, insight and reading on the subject. I'm optimistic about the future ahead as I continue to develop my online space, so I've re-upped for another year with the intent of continuing to blog here as my family grows.

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