Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Holiday Run Streak, Day #4, #5, #6

Shorter runs this last couple of days -- 2 miles on day four, and 1 on days five and six. Getting colder now, and unpredictably rainy and windy. I'm dealing with it, I just need to ease into it. Couple that with a couple of truly draining work days, and I'm just doing what I can to keep the streak going.

Going easy on myself, tomorrow I'm looking forward to a slightly longer run with some dinner with family. These next couple of weeks until Christmas will be long, and undoubtedly the hardest weeks for me running-wise. But I'll push through it. The run gives me time to refocus, and it's such a part of me that I have a hard time stopping myself from going out once I'm on my feet.

Saturday, November 26, 2016

Holiday Run Streak, Day #3

7 miles even tonight. A bit chilly, but still a bit too warm for the real cold weather gear. That fun grey area of southern New England.

Another lazy day today. A little bit of housework, but still haven't put up the tree. That needs to happen soon, because once this week begins I really won't stop moving until Christmas, and there won't be any time for it. There won't be finding any time for it.

Holiday Run Streak, Day #2 (Black Friday)

Another 3.4 tonight, slower than last night. Feeling my way back, stopping occasionally to avoid being hit by cars. Humid and overcast. Not quite spitting.

Typically Black Friday is when I put up our Christmas tree. Going back some years (to when my wife and I actually shopped on Black Friday) I would put the tree up at midnight, watch Irving Berlin's "White Christmas" and then catch a couple hour catnap before going out. This year I decided to break with tradition, and my wife talked me into staying in bed all day with the family in our new matching set of pajamas. Have to tell you, I'm a little surprised that I'm that guy. But it was comfortable and a whole lot of fun.

So tomorrow I'll do some shopping, tidy up the house and put up the Christmas decorations. The older of our two cats (both of whom are eight years old, and six months apart) has decided he doesn't need to use the litter box. So I'm working on that. Poor guy is feeling a bit neglected since the baby has come along, and since we've been back to work.

So in addition to all the regular cleaning and decorating I want to see if there's a way I can set up an extra kitty friendly space in our basement. It has some nice windows he likes to sit in, so I'll see if I can ease access up there. I'm also putting more time into playing with him, and spoiling him with some turkey from Thanksgiving.

Thursday, November 24, 2016

Holiday Run Streak, Day #1 (Thanksgiving Day)

3.4 miles tonight. Overcast, chilly, but feeling good even though I took some time off from running. Last year's running streak saw me get to 39 days. We'll see how this one goes. Honestly, I'm tired and worn down. I still feel better after I drag myself out for a run, but it is (emotionally) more of a slog than it used to be.

Baby girl's first Thanksgiving. She slept through dinner. We spent the day at home, watched the parade and dog show, and had a low key night. This is our tradition for a couple of years now. We make plans to visit family on the weekends around Thanksgiving and keep the day just to our nuclear family. It is a really nice thing, overall, and I think it has given us a tighter bond.

Friday, November 11, 2016

Idle Days

My lessening involvement with sport continues. It's an inward battle most days to get out on the road. By the time I get in from work, and cooking, helping out with the baby, I'm just cooked. Then we're up early to do it all again. Somehow I've lost the ability to carve out time for a run.

I still walk about four miles a day at work, so my legs don't feel all the much different. When I actually do hit the road for a couple of miles I feel pretty good, although I'm admittedly taking it easier than I would in training. This is a sort of maintenance plan to just keep me going. This whole turn of events finds me in a great crisis of confidence, and doubting my own self image that I've crafted over the past few years. It's a dangerous feedback loop of sloth and self-loathing.

Have to throw a monkey wrench in those works.

I am going to do the Runner's World Holiday Run Streak again this year. Last year went very well, and then my summer run streak was so much fun. Once I'm totally committed to this thing I know I'll get back on the horse, so to speak.

Saturday, November 5, 2016


I turned 31 this past week. Overall it was an excellent day at work, which ended with spending some excellent quality time with my family.

Went out for a ten mile run the following morning, and felt like my "old self" again for the rest of the day. That definitely means that I'll be happier if I build the running more into my schedule in the morning, so I'm working up to that. I still haven't been running much, maybe a couple of times a week for a total of about fifteen miles.

The weekend should be good with a couple of trips out with family and friends. Next week we have two days out of work, so I'll be able to recharge my batteries quite a bit then as well.