Thursday, November 24, 2016

Holiday Run Streak, Day #1 (Thanksgiving Day)

3.4 miles tonight. Overcast, chilly, but feeling good even though I took some time off from running. Last year's running streak saw me get to 39 days. We'll see how this one goes. Honestly, I'm tired and worn down. I still feel better after I drag myself out for a run, but it is (emotionally) more of a slog than it used to be.

Baby girl's first Thanksgiving. She slept through dinner. We spent the day at home, watched the parade and dog show, and had a low key night. This is our tradition for a couple of years now. We make plans to visit family on the weekends around Thanksgiving and keep the day just to our nuclear family. It is a really nice thing, overall, and I think it has given us a tighter bond.

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