Wednesday, June 27, 2018

Summer Run Streak, Day #33, #34

I guess I didn't write a post yesterday. Weird, but not that weird. Lately what happens is I sync my watch, start to type, and then get called away to tend to one of the children. I'm happy to do it, but it's a disorienting thing on my goal of keeping up a post each time I run.

Yesterday was a hot 5 miles. The weather was actually quite nice, but I ran during the hottest part of the day, with little cover, and along a stretch of busy road. So it ended up being quite a bit warmer. Overall pretty enjoyable, though. Need to get my weight under control to be more comfortable in this climate, but I'm on that.

Among the standard "just trying not to eat junk all the time", I'm getting back into the vegan banana ice cream. It's pretty simple to make, just some frozen bananas in a food processor with some mix-ins, but much better than constantly eating actual ice cream (which is sort of a custom this time of year.) Lately I've been throwing strawberry and blueberry in, so that gives it some added flavor and color. Fun stuff. The toddler loves it, so that takes away some of my guilt for the fact that we usually eat so much junk.

Ended up running a late mile tonight, in some drizzle. I had planned to go out about nine o'clock, but the toddler took a good while to settle down and go to sleep, so it ended up being a bit past ten o'clock. Can't blame her, she's two, she doesn't know.

Did quite a bit of cooking today, but otherwise took it easy. Have a lot to get done this summer but I already feel like it's flying by. Social club tomorrow, so a bit of the day will be spent prepping for that. But I'm looking forward to getting in some video games with my friends. I even made some rhubarb syrup tonight so that I can make a strawberry/rhubarb lemonade (which the toddler enjoys, but can also be a great mixer for the adults.)

And then Friday we're off for a mini-vacation. Just going away for two nights, and not too far away, but going to see a different zoo, a museum. It will be fun to get away from the familiar for a couple of evenings. I won't be posting those days, although I'll be running. I'll recap the vacation and all my runs when I return.

Monday, June 25, 2018

Summer Run Streak, Day #32

Today is the seventh year the wife and I have been married. Wild. It's been a heck of a journey so far, and while I don't really feel as if this time flew by, now that we have the two kids it for sure feels pretty sped up.

Went out to breakfast this morning, and then to a playground near the zoo. The plan was to head to the zoo afterwards, but the toddler began to tantrum so we called the day short. This is day #3 of recovering from the post-birthday party sleep cycle catastrophe of 2018. Very late nap, hopefully a normal bedtime after we have a celebratory dinner in honor of the anniversary.

Three and a half miles this evening. Feeling OK, although poor nutrition has me hanging on to a couple of pounds. Will go over to my vegetarian diet this week to shake some of that weight before the ten milers in July.

Sunday, June 24, 2018

Summer Run Streak, Day #31

Rough night's sleep last night. Woke up early and often (as is the case when you have a toddler.) Felt pretty lousy (dehydrated, mostly) so I sat out the race I had planned to run. Ultimately, there's a few reasons I felt OK about it. I have two little kids at home, and so sleep is a tough thing to get consistently. I neglected a bunch of things that are pre-race rituals for me, because I was tired and so I just forgot to make them happen. Lastly, I recognize that my goal overall is to have a long term involvement with running as a sport. One or two races here or there is not the end of the world for me.

Ended up getting out mid-morning to pick up breakfast, then a quick trip to the zoo. The toddler was still out of it from yesterday's excitement so we came home early so she could catch a quick (two hour) nap. Afterwards, went to the carousel in town but she was still exhausted, so we headed home after a short outing. Had a movie night watching some children's movies on the projector before bed.

She ended up putting herself to sleep towards the end of the routine, saying, "Daddy, can you leave now?" and then falling asleep after I had gone to sit on the edge of the bed. I don't expect that will be an every night thing yet but it was both sad and exciting to see her growing up, developing independence and security there.

Got out for one mile tonight, late. The later I run in the day the more demoralizing it is, but also afterwards it is an incredible satisfaction. I love running when it's dark, and the streets are lit by the yellow/orange glow of the street lights I remember from this area as a child. Overall not a bad day, and while it was long my step count was low for the second day in a row. I need to regulate a bunch of areas in my life to get some better results, and I think I'll start putting a plan to that effect tomorrow morning.

Saturday, June 23, 2018

Summer Run Streak, Day #30

Long day today.

Up early(ish) to grab breakfast and head to packet pickup for tomorrow's half. Talked to the race director for a bit about race logistics (where to park, etc.) and headed home. One of daughter #1's friends from daycare had a birthday party today, so we were off to that a bit later in the morning.

Planned to stay for a couple of hours, ended up staying for almost four hours. Had a lot of fun watching the kids play, and watching them interact. It was so neat to see that first hand, because D1 can be sort of shy around people, and once she warmed up she was just her usual outgoing self playing with her friends, and even introducing herself to new kids. A great feeling that we've actually been doing OK at this parenting stuff so far.

And the baby slept in the baby wrap for most of the event, so that was pretty good, too.

Owing to our late departure, we all were burnt out and ended up taking a really poorly timed, very long nap. That made bedtime even harder, and one of those "why am I even doing this." runs for tonight. Thunder clouds hanging out over the city, humid, but comfortable and no rain. Hopefully the weather holds up for the half tomorrow, as I hadn't planned on racing it, it would be much more comfortable to run in dry conditions.

Friday, June 22, 2018

Summer Run Streak, Day #29

Hooray! The busy season is over at work. More time with the kiddos and more times on the trails and roads. Had a celebration tonight (featuring frozen pineapples with mango rum punch -- and a virgin frozen pineapple for the toddler) and had planned to have the whole social club. Unfortunately due to some illness it ended up being just the family. Whole celebration pushed to a later date.

Anyway, we had a good time. Got a bit over a mile barefoot in.

Now I'm going to actually shower and then sleep for (hopefully) 8 hours. 13 mile run this weekend!

Thursday, June 21, 2018

Summer Run Streak, Day #28

Very long day today. Have plans tomorrow to celebrate the end of the busy work season, so we headed out after work to get some provisions. Quite a bit of trouble to handle the two kids in the variety of stores, but I think we did OK. Got home, made dinner, and I headed out for a run.

Got in a bit over three miles at a pretty nice pace. I'm feeling a bit heavier, but I'm not sure if that's the fact that I'm carrying a bit of weight (just up three pounds or so, and I think partly because of the lack of sleep.) It was also pretty hot and humid out today, so I think that had an impact on my legs.

The infant has been temperamental the last couple of days, and it is taking an emotional toll on my wife. The kiddo just fusses a lot, and it's really tough to soothe her. Sometimes I can get lucky and get her to sleep in the wrap, but tonight even that failed. Eventually I just rocked her, swaying on the balls of my feet, until she fell asleep on my chest. Now I don't dare move her, though, because I don't want to wake her. Fun.

This weekend is going to be tough. Folks over tomorrow after work, then a birthday part for one of Daughter #1's pre-school classmates, and a half marathon on Sunday. Fortunately I'll be able to recover from my weekend on Monday!

Wednesday, June 20, 2018

Summer Run Streak, Day #27

One barefoot mile tonight. Soles are a little bit tender, so I will probably try to do a longer run shoed tomorrow.

Spent today trying to catch up on my lack of sleep, which was moderately successful. Just two days left to the work week and then we can start looking into fixing the problem next week.

Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Summer Run Streak, Day #26

Long, long day at work today. Given how little sleep I got last night (a bit over four hours) I was happy to drown my sorrows in coffee, and throw myself fully into a task of organizing a big program. 10k steps by the time I picked up Daughter #1 at daycare, and then 12k by the time bedtime was all done.

Grief is a strange thing. I found that while I was immediately very sad at the event of losing my cat of ten years, the harder thing for me was to actually tell people. And I really needed to tell people, because owing to the lack of sleep and intense emotion around it, I was acting really bizarre. Everyone I talked to was very understanding, of course, and it was nice to receive their support on it. It is just a hard thing. Thinking about it, it has probably been around ten years since I've had a pet pass away, and that was a family dog that I hadn't lived with in some years. So it's tough but of course each scenario is tough in a different way.

The toddler has not noticed anything is amiss, and she hasn't asked. So we'll see if that conversation needs to happen. Cats are pretty independent, so being that she has only interacted with her a small portion of any given week, she may honestly be lacking in object permanence. I have plenty of pictures of the two of them, so I'll still be able to tell her all about the cat that made her fall in love with animals.

The wife and I had to lose the lawn service we were using. Just a drop in quality from year to year, and not worth the investment at the service we were getting. Picked up an electric lawn mower today, so hopefully we will be happy with that. I'm used to gasoline mowers, of course, but I'm interested in trying out something new. Also, as a plus, if it works out there is an electric snow thrower that works with the same battery. So, we'll see. It's going to be a learning summer.

Planning to do some yard work tomorrow, around some other commitments. Will be good to finally have the gardens weeded, and all the roses fertilized. I have three rose bushes currently, and each of them is in truly magnificent bloom.

Two miles tonight barefoot, which is more consecutive barefooting than I've done in awhile. I felt good, and I needed to work out some stuff in my head, so I kept moving. In addition to all the machinery feeling good on the move, my feet weren't hurting or anything. One 'hot spot' seems apparent on my right sole, but that also could have been from the change in grade and my hastened pace in the second mile. Either way I'm going to plan to continue any shorter runs in this streak barefoot, because I think I'm learning a lot kinesthetically from them.

Summer Run Streak, Day #25 (In Memoriam)

A quick note from yesterday before today gets going.

Last night I went out for my mile, barefoot, and it had been raining. I felt OK minus a couple of lingering aches from the long run disaster on Sunday. Got home, and was met at the door by the older of our two cats (who is really my wife's cat, as we got him for her.) I couldn't figure out what he wanted, so I pet him for a bit and headed downstairs to sync my watch.

Plugged my watch in, and then heard a meow that shook me a bit. Looked over to find my cat on the ground next to me, unable to walk. My wife rushed with her to the veterinary ER, only to have them run a test and find feline leukemia, and a really grim prognosis. We had to have her put down. All the while I was at home watching the toddler. My wife and I were very torn up about this, as we've lived with this cat for the last decade. But I believe it was the right call, as had we treated it we would likely have just been buying time in small increments.

She was a really good pet. She was deaf, rescued from a hoarder house with some one-hundred and fifty other cats, she likely lost her hearing due to an infection that never was noticed or treated. A little, black, deaf cat we adopted her when she was six months old. She was super eccentric, but truly the happiest animal I've ever known. She was very close to my older daughter, who she started nuzzling from the time she was a baby, about seven months old. She'd sleep in the bed with us, or more often, come to visit and then sleep in my daughter's room (which I think she thought was just the cats' room.)

I'm dreading the conversation with the toddler a bit. I'll answer any questions she has, of course, and I'm going to be brief and honest in all of my answers. Death is a part of life, and a thing that we have to learn to work through. I understand all that. It just doesn't make things any easier. I'm honestly not sure what to expect from this, as my daughter is very, very smart, but cats are flighty so it isn't like we spent even 90% of our time with her. It may take her awhile to notice the cat is gone, and the idea that she wouldn't notice at all makes me sad. But I also don't want to hit her too hard with the information.

It's an area my wife and I will have to navigate together and very carefully.

Sunday, June 17, 2018

Summer Run Streak, Day #24 (Father's Day)

Twelve and three quarters miles tonight. Had to throw in some walk breaks, owing to humidity brought on by the high humidity (and my forgetting a water bottle.) Desparately thirsty at mile 10, had to tough it out but cut it short.

Had a pretty good father's day. Up pretty early, went to breakfast at our favorite diner. Afterwards, went to the playground so the toddler could get in some running and climbing. Total blast, all the "Daddy! Come on the slide with me!"

Got home from the playground, and did some work in the kitchen, and took it easy. Got very hot today, so I had the whole house closed up to keep it dark and cool. Ended up ordering pizza for dinner, which was fine by me as I didn't have to cook. Early bedtime for the toddler and I headed out just after sunset for my run.

Have a half marathon next Sunday. Not planning to race it, but depending on the conditions I'd be happy to do the distance in just under two hours. Going to treat it as a long run. It will be at the end of a busy weekend for us, too, so no need to really push myself.

Saturday, June 16, 2018

Summer Run Streak, Day #23 (Father's Day Eve)

Big day today.

My wife attempted to let me sleep a bit later, in light of my late night last night. She took the kids and headed out of the bedroom around 7, but it was to no avail as I still woke up around 7:26. Went out, cleaned up the kitchen and made breakfast (banana pancakes). Breakfast was pretty good, too, I really liked the way the recipe came out this time.

We decided to do some stuff out today because it is supposed to be fairly hot tomorrow. Went first to a local farm, and did some strawberry picking. The toddler absolutely loved it, as she's a fan of strawberries. We also bought some rhubarb while we were there, as the familial supply of it is dwindling. Came home, as it was still a bit early to go to the carousel. Headed out a bit later and went and rode the carousel. The toddler even rode one of the horses that moves! It scared her a bit, as I expected, but she still did so well. It was awesome.

Both of those things are things I remember doing as a kid with family members, and even in the exact same venues, so they carry quite a bit of nostalgia for me. It is a great thing to be able to share those experiences with my kids. I'm really lucky to get to do that.

We had to run by the supermarket after the carousel, and both kids promptly fell asleep in the car. Short naps, but when we got home I was actually able to get some cooking and cleaning done. We hung around for awhile, and owing to the short nap, we did bath time and bedtime early.

I headed out for my run a bit early, around 9. Got in a good 10k or so, and felt pretty strong. Listened to the entirety of Peter Gabriel's Ovo, which I absolutely love, and of course has some great nostalgia for me.

I'm hoping to do a longer run tomorrow (first in awhile) but it will have to be in the evening after sunset. Just going to be way too hot tomorrow.

Friday, June 15, 2018

Summer Run Streak, Day #22

Trying very hard to mentally overpower anhedonia. The word might be kind of dramatic, I guess. I'm having a hard time getting the motivation to move. Once I do move I'm all good, I feel great, and I'm filled with a deep love and enthusiasm for the world around me.

In a perfect world, I'd be able to wake up early and hit the road for my daily workout, and that would set me up for the day. It's just so tough to do that. And I can't totally explain why.

So one mile late tonight under a beautiful clear sky, with great views of the constellations. Made me want to run longer, but this late at night I know that isn't smart. My grandfather used to tell me that nothing good happens between 11pm and 4am. I mean, of course that's not totally true, but being raised with that idea makes me less likely to take my chances on the road in the middle of the night.

Daughter #2 was super engaged today. I sang a bunch of songs to her, made a bunch of sounds and could see her looking at me, hinting towards a smile, and absorbing all of the sounds. So exciting, but I feel like the first month went by faster this time. So, it was a little easier, but also tough with that feeling that time is fleeting.

Father's day is this weekend, so we're planning a big day out to the carousel, and at home with our little family. I've been doing sensory play with shaving cream at our kitchen table for Daughter #1, so maybe we'll do that. It's such a blast to give her a time where she can be a truly raucous and messy toddler, which is sort of the nature of toddlers.

Thursday, June 14, 2018

Summer Run Streak, Day #21

Today is one month since daughter #2 was born. I'm amazed at how quick time is passing already. She's a remarkable little kid, strong, and also easy to soothe. So that's good. We've had a couple of nights where we have all managed to sleep, but even on the bad nights we have a routine established for bedtime, so I think that's helping a lot. Daughter #1 is doing well with being a big sister so far, although I notice she is frustrated by some of the changes.

Yet another mile tonight. I've held pretty good on the idea that if I'm going to run just one mile, it's going to be a barefoot mile. So that's good. It helps keep my mind on the task if nothing else. Also, mixed up my normal route so I got to run some different hills which is always fun.

Tomorrow I'm going to try to get out for a few more miles, as I have some decent runs planned for the weekend. Also hoping to take a trip with the kids this weekend to the zoo, but we may be limited by how long daughter #2 can be in the car. She's been a bit fussier than usual this last week.

Wednesday, June 13, 2018

Summer Run Streak, Day #20

One quick barefoot mile tonight late.

Long day today, and had to deal with a situation I've never encountered in life. My wife and I ordered new laptops last week, and they were delivered today. But because we have a toddler now, I wasn't able to just open it up and play with it. My daughter wanted to get her hands on it as well, so we sort of explored it together. Which was fun for a bit but lost appeal to me after ten minutes of trying to show her how to play the built in games on it.

Oh well, I should get used to this dynamic.

Had planned on 45 minutes tonight, but today was just a really long day. Additionally, being that I'm doing a run streak, I'm aware of the fact that there aren't really rest days. That isn't the end of the world, of course, as I've done streaks before. But it does mean that I'm willing to be a bit easier on myself in a training plan like this. Energetic toddler, infant requiring lots of attention. I don't have any regrets, and I don't consider them excuses. But I'm going easy on myself.

Tuesday, June 12, 2018

Summer Run Streak, Day #17, #18, #19

Couple of easy miles there on Day #17 and #18, but decided if I was going to do easy miles I would do them barefoot. Pretty happy with that decision, think it helped with my form a bit and certainly my focus.

Went out for a five miler today, before dinner time. Wore sandals. Pretty happy with that, although it felt like a bigger effort (but, had a very long day at work and covered 5 miles on foot by the time I'd gotten home.) Also had some food about a half hour before my run, so that no doubt contributed to my tired mental state.

Going to try following the training plan this week, though, meaning tomorrow should be another 45 minute easy run. Then Thursday should be a longer tempo run.

Saturday, June 9, 2018

Summer Run Streak, Day #16

Up early today after a long night last night. Had a 5k race to do, so headed over to the neighborhood of the race.

Ran an early mile warm-up and actually found some trails that were pretty nice around the race course. I ran the trails, which were much cooler than it was on the pavement, and turned around when the grass got too high (I wasn't wearing bug spray, don't want to pick up any ticks.) Knowing that trail is there I'll have to go back next year when I run the race again.

I ran the Gaspee Days 5k at 9:30. Having worked in the neighborhood it's always a bit of a homecoming, and its fun to see friends and familiar faces. Wish the start corral had actual signs to help people seed by pace. I've run the race five times now, and I didn't want to push it because I'm planning on a decent effort at my July 10 miler. The goal was to take it easy, and not go for a PR or anything. Ended up finishing in about 23:26, which is certainly nothing to scoff at.

The course is hilly, too, and I mean that's saying something given that I live on a hill and all around hills. It's a demanding 5k because to really run that distance hard requires a great effort already, and when you add in the technical demands of steep and rolling grades, that 5k can be very exhausting. Anyway, that's why I don't really race it, and my fastest time at it was back in 2014.

I actually feel fresh enough again that I may go out for a short run this evening, just to keep myself loose for tomorrow's long run.

The wife and kiddos are napping now, and then we're off to a fun filled day at a local park. Maybe we'll do the zoo tomorrow? Either way it will be a good time.

Friday, June 8, 2018

Summer Run Streak, Day #15

More barefootin' tonight. One mile late, after bed. Suppose I could have gone running earlier, but chose to read (almost) every book in the bookshelf to the toddler. Total blast. No regrets.

Exciting weekend coming up, including a 5k road race that ends uphill, then some carousel(ing) and maybe a zoo trip with the little ones.

Planning to take it easy at the 5k tomorrow. I've got plenty more years at this race in me, so no reason to push really hard this early in. Still have my sights set on the late July 10 miler, and hoping to ramp up the training for that this coming week.

Thursday, June 7, 2018

Summer Run Streak, Day #14

Another one miler tonight after a social club meeting.

I maintain that a social club is an integral experience if you are a new parent. A guaranteed way to commune with your social circle at the interval of your choosing, and a dedicated space to talk about your interests! My kiddos are, of course, a big part and there is just as much time dedicated to reading stories and children's songs as there is to video games and nerd-dom, but it is still a guiding point for my sanity. A thing I look forward to, and a great time every time.

As the circle expands to include more little ones (and I think it will, soon.) we're changing the way we do things and divide responsibilities. We started off as a focus on video games and beer tasting as our shared experience, and subscribed to a beer club to that end. Unfortunately, the beer club lacked an amount of depth we wanted, so while it was structured really well we thought we could do better by having members share the responsibility of purchasing the beers. We tested that out tonight, and it went really well. We'll see how it goes over the summer, but I'm optimistic. The unifying thing in a club like this is the commitment the members have to it. Dues aren't necessary.

Weather tonight was nice and cool, and since I did bedtime after the club meeting adjourned, I decided to go super minimal and run barefoot with no music. Felt like an easy, good pace and ended up being about a 9:52/mile pace. Not too bad given that I was barefoot, but I'm not sure it ranks as my fastest barefoot mile, either.

And tomorrow's Friday! I spend a lot of time now trying to focus on the moment and not wish my life away. But I definitely feel like that's a thing now, time seems to pass much quicker. I'm always looking forward to the time with my kids, and the time at home. The next thing we have planned together. I think I'm doing my best to savor the good moments, but maybe it wouldn't hurt for me to start building the mindfulness back in as I approach the summer.

Wednesday, June 6, 2018

Summer Run Streak, Day #13 (Lucky 13)

Everyone actually slept just shy of 6 hours last night. Amazing, but I'm not so arrogant as to expect a repeat tonight.

Long day, and then at home hanging out with the kiddos, cooking, etc. One mile late tonight after bedtime.

In a weird place where I have to either run two hours before bed, or end up waiting until after. It sucks losing all that time. But that's life and I'll have to adjust. It would be easier, maybe, if I had a cup of coffee in the early afternoon, but I know from previous experience that I'd never fall asleep at night with coffee in my system that late.

Tuesday, June 5, 2018

Summer Run Streak, Day #12

Just under three and a half miles tonight.

Lousy sleep last night, owing to some pain in my right thumb. It's a bit better now, but last night twice it woke me out a dead sleep. Each time I got up, everyone else was asleep. So I was really kicking myself, and upset, to see that I'd gotten just over four hours of sleep on my tracker (I suspect it may actually be more than that, because the tracker only counts things over two hours.)

So anyway, pretty beat today. Had to go out to the grocery store after getting home, as the delivery service doesn't carry the eggs I like to buy (which are local, anyway.) Got back, made dinner, and then got out for the run.

Have a race on Saturday, just a 5k. I'm not planning to race it, but more just keep running it as I've run it every year since 2014. One of those races I'd like to have a long term history with.

Monday, June 4, 2018

Summer Run Streak, Day #11

One-and-done mile today, but did manage to cover almost five miles on foot at work, so I'm pretty content with that.

Also, ran before bedtime again, which is pretty exciting as I'm hoping it marks a coming change to my habits. In the realm of changing habits, I've also started looking up more vegetarian recipes, so I'm hopeful that I'll be able to map out some more low-calorie high-nutrient meals that will make dropping my extra ten pounds a bit easier.

I'm not sure I've really written about my vegetarianism before, but I should do that at some point. I'm not super preachy, and there are times when I eat meat, but I have been a vegetarian (sometimes stricter than others) for the past decade or so. I eat eggs as a good source of protein and fats, and I also don't limit cheese, although for stretches I've stuck to a vegan diet to help smooth out troubles I've had with acid reflux. Anyway, I'll have to do a post about that another time as there's a lot to say on the subject.

My body runs better with less animal protein in me, actually, and my fastest marathon time was one where I was not only monitoring how many calories I ate, but also limiting the protein sources to vegetables.  I should do that full time, probably, but I like food a whole bunch. So it's been a struggle.

Now I'm off to get a shower in before bed, which is a rare treat in my life as a parent.

Sunday, June 3, 2018

Summer Run Streak, Day #10

After last night's long talk with the wife, we decided to prioritize the run today. Got out mid-evening for a good 10-miler, my longest run in about a month. Weather was nice, it was great to run in the sun, and even though I pushed myself harder than I should have for a long run (hey, I was excited!) I still felt pretty good at the end. Need to come with a new solution for carrying my phone, as I've grown irritated with the arm band, and my lumbar sling water bottle holsters can't really support a phone this big.

Got out to breakfast this morning with the wife and kids, and then to the zoo with friends. Upon returning the toddler had already fallen asleep, so I wrapped the baby up in the baby wrap and set about cleaning up the house. Made a pretty decent chocolate chip banana bread, too, while the wife caught about an hour of sleep.

I caught a cat nap in the afternoon of the couch, watching a show with the toddler. I mean it was only five minutes because she got in my face and screamed "Daddy, don't sleeeeep!" at me. But you know, five minutes is pretty refreshing.

Feeling a bit better today about being able to get on my training plan, but you know, it's all day to day. I may end up only sleeping two hours tonight, and then I'll be totally screwed up for my run tomorrow.

I guess this is the (even) new(er) normal.

Saturday, June 2, 2018

Summer Run Streak, Day #9

Yet another "one and done" mile tonight.

Had a long conversation with the wife tonight after the kids fell asleep, about how I'm totally run down and thinking that I will have to give up running. I'm just so worn down and having a nightmare of a time fitting in the runs, or anything longer than a mile. I mean, you can't train for a marathon like this. I told her I was thinking about next year, and just not signing up for races. Her retort was that this will be so much easier next year, because the kids won't be as little and will be able to do more.

I know that's true, and I hate to quit on anything like this. So I'll tough out this streak until work is done for the summer, and we'll see how summer goes. Obviously I'm all over the place nutrition wise, too, and I need to get all of that back under control. It's the kind of thing where you don't want to make any huge decisions while completely sleep deprived.

Good mile tonight, comfortable temperature, if a bit humid. Felt like my heart rate was in really good shape, but again, by the time the kids go to sleep my heart rate is winding down for the night, so it's <60bpm. Just tough to get moving when your body is in sleep mode.

Tomorrow is a new day, and the plan is to take the kids to the zoo in the morning to walk around and test out the new double stroller. May also try to pick up breakfast somewhere, as I expect I'll probably be too beat to cook.

Friday, June 1, 2018

Summer Run Streak, Day #8

Another easy mile tonight.

Super tired. Hoping to catch up on sleep tomorrow. Weekend running goals remain to be seen, but I'd like to cover actual distances and not just phone in the miles.