Sunday, June 3, 2018

Summer Run Streak, Day #10

After last night's long talk with the wife, we decided to prioritize the run today. Got out mid-evening for a good 10-miler, my longest run in about a month. Weather was nice, it was great to run in the sun, and even though I pushed myself harder than I should have for a long run (hey, I was excited!) I still felt pretty good at the end. Need to come with a new solution for carrying my phone, as I've grown irritated with the arm band, and my lumbar sling water bottle holsters can't really support a phone this big.

Got out to breakfast this morning with the wife and kids, and then to the zoo with friends. Upon returning the toddler had already fallen asleep, so I wrapped the baby up in the baby wrap and set about cleaning up the house. Made a pretty decent chocolate chip banana bread, too, while the wife caught about an hour of sleep.

I caught a cat nap in the afternoon of the couch, watching a show with the toddler. I mean it was only five minutes because she got in my face and screamed "Daddy, don't sleeeeep!" at me. But you know, five minutes is pretty refreshing.

Feeling a bit better today about being able to get on my training plan, but you know, it's all day to day. I may end up only sleeping two hours tonight, and then I'll be totally screwed up for my run tomorrow.

I guess this is the (even) new(er) normal.

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