Tuesday, June 5, 2018

Summer Run Streak, Day #12

Just under three and a half miles tonight.

Lousy sleep last night, owing to some pain in my right thumb. It's a bit better now, but last night twice it woke me out a dead sleep. Each time I got up, everyone else was asleep. So I was really kicking myself, and upset, to see that I'd gotten just over four hours of sleep on my tracker (I suspect it may actually be more than that, because the tracker only counts things over two hours.)

So anyway, pretty beat today. Had to go out to the grocery store after getting home, as the delivery service doesn't carry the eggs I like to buy (which are local, anyway.) Got back, made dinner, and then got out for the run.

Have a race on Saturday, just a 5k. I'm not planning to race it, but more just keep running it as I've run it every year since 2014. One of those races I'd like to have a long term history with.

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