Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Summer Run Streak, Day #26

Long, long day at work today. Given how little sleep I got last night (a bit over four hours) I was happy to drown my sorrows in coffee, and throw myself fully into a task of organizing a big program. 10k steps by the time I picked up Daughter #1 at daycare, and then 12k by the time bedtime was all done.

Grief is a strange thing. I found that while I was immediately very sad at the event of losing my cat of ten years, the harder thing for me was to actually tell people. And I really needed to tell people, because owing to the lack of sleep and intense emotion around it, I was acting really bizarre. Everyone I talked to was very understanding, of course, and it was nice to receive their support on it. It is just a hard thing. Thinking about it, it has probably been around ten years since I've had a pet pass away, and that was a family dog that I hadn't lived with in some years. So it's tough but of course each scenario is tough in a different way.

The toddler has not noticed anything is amiss, and she hasn't asked. So we'll see if that conversation needs to happen. Cats are pretty independent, so being that she has only interacted with her a small portion of any given week, she may honestly be lacking in object permanence. I have plenty of pictures of the two of them, so I'll still be able to tell her all about the cat that made her fall in love with animals.

The wife and I had to lose the lawn service we were using. Just a drop in quality from year to year, and not worth the investment at the service we were getting. Picked up an electric lawn mower today, so hopefully we will be happy with that. I'm used to gasoline mowers, of course, but I'm interested in trying out something new. Also, as a plus, if it works out there is an electric snow thrower that works with the same battery. So, we'll see. It's going to be a learning summer.

Planning to do some yard work tomorrow, around some other commitments. Will be good to finally have the gardens weeded, and all the roses fertilized. I have three rose bushes currently, and each of them is in truly magnificent bloom.

Two miles tonight barefoot, which is more consecutive barefooting than I've done in awhile. I felt good, and I needed to work out some stuff in my head, so I kept moving. In addition to all the machinery feeling good on the move, my feet weren't hurting or anything. One 'hot spot' seems apparent on my right sole, but that also could have been from the change in grade and my hastened pace in the second mile. Either way I'm going to plan to continue any shorter runs in this streak barefoot, because I think I'm learning a lot kinesthetically from them.

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