Monday, June 25, 2018

Summer Run Streak, Day #32

Today is the seventh year the wife and I have been married. Wild. It's been a heck of a journey so far, and while I don't really feel as if this time flew by, now that we have the two kids it for sure feels pretty sped up.

Went out to breakfast this morning, and then to a playground near the zoo. The plan was to head to the zoo afterwards, but the toddler began to tantrum so we called the day short. This is day #3 of recovering from the post-birthday party sleep cycle catastrophe of 2018. Very late nap, hopefully a normal bedtime after we have a celebratory dinner in honor of the anniversary.

Three and a half miles this evening. Feeling OK, although poor nutrition has me hanging on to a couple of pounds. Will go over to my vegetarian diet this week to shake some of that weight before the ten milers in July.

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