Thursday, June 7, 2018

Summer Run Streak, Day #14

Another one miler tonight after a social club meeting.

I maintain that a social club is an integral experience if you are a new parent. A guaranteed way to commune with your social circle at the interval of your choosing, and a dedicated space to talk about your interests! My kiddos are, of course, a big part and there is just as much time dedicated to reading stories and children's songs as there is to video games and nerd-dom, but it is still a guiding point for my sanity. A thing I look forward to, and a great time every time.

As the circle expands to include more little ones (and I think it will, soon.) we're changing the way we do things and divide responsibilities. We started off as a focus on video games and beer tasting as our shared experience, and subscribed to a beer club to that end. Unfortunately, the beer club lacked an amount of depth we wanted, so while it was structured really well we thought we could do better by having members share the responsibility of purchasing the beers. We tested that out tonight, and it went really well. We'll see how it goes over the summer, but I'm optimistic. The unifying thing in a club like this is the commitment the members have to it. Dues aren't necessary.

Weather tonight was nice and cool, and since I did bedtime after the club meeting adjourned, I decided to go super minimal and run barefoot with no music. Felt like an easy, good pace and ended up being about a 9:52/mile pace. Not too bad given that I was barefoot, but I'm not sure it ranks as my fastest barefoot mile, either.

And tomorrow's Friday! I spend a lot of time now trying to focus on the moment and not wish my life away. But I definitely feel like that's a thing now, time seems to pass much quicker. I'm always looking forward to the time with my kids, and the time at home. The next thing we have planned together. I think I'm doing my best to savor the good moments, but maybe it wouldn't hurt for me to start building the mindfulness back in as I approach the summer.

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