Sunday, June 17, 2018

Summer Run Streak, Day #24 (Father's Day)

Twelve and three quarters miles tonight. Had to throw in some walk breaks, owing to humidity brought on by the high humidity (and my forgetting a water bottle.) Desparately thirsty at mile 10, had to tough it out but cut it short.

Had a pretty good father's day. Up pretty early, went to breakfast at our favorite diner. Afterwards, went to the playground so the toddler could get in some running and climbing. Total blast, all the "Daddy! Come on the slide with me!"

Got home from the playground, and did some work in the kitchen, and took it easy. Got very hot today, so I had the whole house closed up to keep it dark and cool. Ended up ordering pizza for dinner, which was fine by me as I didn't have to cook. Early bedtime for the toddler and I headed out just after sunset for my run.

Have a half marathon next Sunday. Not planning to race it, but depending on the conditions I'd be happy to do the distance in just under two hours. Going to treat it as a long run. It will be at the end of a busy weekend for us, too, so no need to really push myself.

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