Saturday, June 23, 2018

Summer Run Streak, Day #30

Long day today.

Up early(ish) to grab breakfast and head to packet pickup for tomorrow's half. Talked to the race director for a bit about race logistics (where to park, etc.) and headed home. One of daughter #1's friends from daycare had a birthday party today, so we were off to that a bit later in the morning.

Planned to stay for a couple of hours, ended up staying for almost four hours. Had a lot of fun watching the kids play, and watching them interact. It was so neat to see that first hand, because D1 can be sort of shy around people, and once she warmed up she was just her usual outgoing self playing with her friends, and even introducing herself to new kids. A great feeling that we've actually been doing OK at this parenting stuff so far.

And the baby slept in the baby wrap for most of the event, so that was pretty good, too.

Owing to our late departure, we all were burnt out and ended up taking a really poorly timed, very long nap. That made bedtime even harder, and one of those "why am I even doing this." runs for tonight. Thunder clouds hanging out over the city, humid, but comfortable and no rain. Hopefully the weather holds up for the half tomorrow, as I hadn't planned on racing it, it would be much more comfortable to run in dry conditions.

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