Wednesday, June 27, 2018

Summer Run Streak, Day #33, #34

I guess I didn't write a post yesterday. Weird, but not that weird. Lately what happens is I sync my watch, start to type, and then get called away to tend to one of the children. I'm happy to do it, but it's a disorienting thing on my goal of keeping up a post each time I run.

Yesterday was a hot 5 miles. The weather was actually quite nice, but I ran during the hottest part of the day, with little cover, and along a stretch of busy road. So it ended up being quite a bit warmer. Overall pretty enjoyable, though. Need to get my weight under control to be more comfortable in this climate, but I'm on that.

Among the standard "just trying not to eat junk all the time", I'm getting back into the vegan banana ice cream. It's pretty simple to make, just some frozen bananas in a food processor with some mix-ins, but much better than constantly eating actual ice cream (which is sort of a custom this time of year.) Lately I've been throwing strawberry and blueberry in, so that gives it some added flavor and color. Fun stuff. The toddler loves it, so that takes away some of my guilt for the fact that we usually eat so much junk.

Ended up running a late mile tonight, in some drizzle. I had planned to go out about nine o'clock, but the toddler took a good while to settle down and go to sleep, so it ended up being a bit past ten o'clock. Can't blame her, she's two, she doesn't know.

Did quite a bit of cooking today, but otherwise took it easy. Have a lot to get done this summer but I already feel like it's flying by. Social club tomorrow, so a bit of the day will be spent prepping for that. But I'm looking forward to getting in some video games with my friends. I even made some rhubarb syrup tonight so that I can make a strawberry/rhubarb lemonade (which the toddler enjoys, but can also be a great mixer for the adults.)

And then Friday we're off for a mini-vacation. Just going away for two nights, and not too far away, but going to see a different zoo, a museum. It will be fun to get away from the familiar for a couple of evenings. I won't be posting those days, although I'll be running. I'll recap the vacation and all my runs when I return.

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