Sunday, July 1, 2018

Summer Run Streak, Day #35, #36, #37

Just one mile on Thursday, amidst a positively nasty rain storm. Urban flooding meant I was running through inches of rain sheeting through the streets. I ran barefoot, so I was pretty comfortable, and I didn't wreck a pair of shoes. Social club Thursday evening, which was a lot of fun.

Three days in this post, because I was committed to running but not posting while we were out of town. A couple of weeks ago when work was at it's most stressful, my wife and I planned a little get away. Just a couple of hours south to see some small museums and touristy things, but definitely do-able with a toddler and baby, and still rejuvenating from the standpoint of being away from the humdrum for a bit. We planned to leave Friday and come back on Sunday evening, but we had some unexpected hiccups.

Friday got out for just over four miles in the mid-morning. Pretty warm already, but as we were in for a heat wave nowhere near as hot as it would get by mid-day. Knew I wouldn't go running after a day driving, so I was happy to get the run in then. Got everything loaded into the car and hit the road at about 10:30. Traffic was atrocious.

Went to a children's museum on the way down, and it was pretty neat. Had a full planetarium (which we didn't do.) with an exhibit on the Apollo program, and a cool play area with moon rover simulators, lunar lander simulators, etc. The toddler had a blast. The main level had an indoor ropes course and some STEM activities, and then up from that was a pre-school aged area. We had a total blast. Baby slept through the whole thing, but the toddler had a blast.

Stopped by the supermarket before the hotel, so we had food and snacks and stuff. There's a lot of logistics to moving as a family of four, for sure, but dealing with a hungry toddler is no laughing matter. Got sandwiches for lunch, checked into the hotel. I chilled out in the room with the baby while the wife took the toddler swimming in the pool, and then showers and bedtime.

Saturday morning woke up early, went out for a mile run. Grabbed bananas and peanut butter from the hotel breakfast after. Then we drove about forty-five minutes to the New England Carousel Museum, which was a total blast. Not huge, but we had fun looking at the horses, riding the little carousel there, and learning about the restoration process. Got lunch at a diner afterwards, and headed back to the hotel for a nap.

After nap time we went swimming, which was really fun. I logged the activity on Strava, mostly for kicks (the pool wasn't a regulation size, so it tracked as nothing, but hey, I tried.) We went out to a hibachi place for dinner, and then bedtime was an absolute hell. But hey, everybody fell asleep eventually.

We decided to head home a day early due to the ridiculous heat. Everything we planned to do ended up opening around noon, and that would have had us driving home during the hottest part of the day. Got home mid morning.  Taking it easy now, the kids are napping. More on today's run(s) later.

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