Wednesday, July 4, 2018

Summer Run Streak, Day #40, #41

Just a mile yesterday, due to lots of excitement.

Van got a flat, had to get it in to get the tire replaced. Stressful drive home in traffic with the baby, while my wife had a stressful drive home with the toddler. Ended up eating way too much for dinner because of the stress, which meant I was all bloated today with a weird weight number that was way higher than it should be. Probably more due to the sodium, though. My legs were ready to go at night, but at that point we had to do bedtime so I decided to let it be an easy day.

Up this morning to get breakfast, and excellent cold brewed coffee. Went out for a mile and a half in the heat after picking up the house a bit. I'd like to go out again for another few miles tonight, but we'll see. I like the two a days because the second run always seems to feel much better. Plus I think it's a way of adding more mileage to the week without totally burning myself out, so I'm going to try to head out again later.

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