Monday, July 2, 2018

Summer Run Streak, Day #39

Up early for a mile, which was really sluggish, but I expected that due to the run last night. Pretty warm in the morning, but what I noticed more was the very oppressive humidity.

My wife and I are doing a "Food Fights" thing where we got a coupon kit to a bunch of local cafes to try their iced coffee. We did a similar thing last year and really enjoyed it -- actually a couple of the places have become regular breakfast stops for me and the toddler all year. So we headed out early to hit one of the places up, and then off to the Children's Museum for some time to tire the kiddo out.

Got home mid morning, and I set into cleaning the kitchen. A clean kitchen for me keeps my brain de-cluttered, and cleaning it, along with cooking has been a really important part of my mindfulness practice. We ordered lunch today. My stuff is set up for ice cream making, although I'm attempting to be good on that front as I still need to lose a couple of pounds before races in the next couple of weeks.

Got out after bedtime tonight for 10k. Actually, closer to six and a half miles, but I'm still considering it 10k. The weather was much nicer, felt like it was mid-70s but with much less humidity so it made moving quite a bit more pleasant. I decided to settle in on some podcasts for the first three, and switched over to music for the last three, which got me some nice negative splits. Certainly I'd hope to put up better times in a race, but it was a very nice training run and about the time that I planned to take.

Tomorrow have to be up early to get some errands done, and hopefully get a morning mile in again. I know it will be a tough one, but I'm already seeing some benefits from these two-a-day runs, not the least of which is that it is a lot of fun to pay this much attention to my activity. I'll still need to be careful to avoid burn out but man I'm enjoying running again this last couple of days.

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