Friday, July 6, 2018

Summer Run Streak, Day #43

Barefoot for three and a quarter miles tonight, just messing around. Nice weather in the 70s with an easy breeze.

Slept a bit later today (not much) and headed out to get coffee. Hit up the Children's Museum which was slam packed. Did an hour there, came home. I cleaned most of the house while the kiddo hung around. I got struck with a nasty migraine while cleaning, and my very thoughtful wife took the kids to the store and made me go sleep for awhile.

Woke up feeling significantly better. Did a shaving cream table with the toddler. Watched some TV. Prompty broke a nail on my middle right toe, bleeding. In horrendous pain trying to figure out how to handle it when the toddler climbed into my lap and fell asleep on me. Ugh.

Got dinner and then after getting both kids back to sleep I went out for my run. Tomorrow is supposed to be a truly beautiful day, which after the heat wave I'm desperately looking forward to. We might do the zoo and the carousel, and I'm optimistic I'll be able to get four or five miles in before we do all of that!

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