Wednesday, July 11, 2018

Summer Run Streak, Day #48

9 miles tonight before bedtime. Have a ten mile trail race on Saturday, so wanted to make sure that I can chug along the miles. Trail races are harder than running on the roads, of course, but I have run this race a couple of times before and I really only do it for fun. Not a year to set a PR on it or anything, just going to get out on the trails and love it.

I guessed that it would take me about an hour and twenty minutes for tonight's run and I was dead on! So hey that's a fun thing.

Both kiddos have a round of shots tomorrow -- first round for the baby's and then the toddler has a round. We are stocked on junk food and expecting a stressful evening from any reactions to the shots. I'm going to try and get a few miles in early in the morning tomorrow before we have to deal with all that.

Also! My lawnmower broke. I'm pretty bummed about that because we've only had in a month or so. It's an electric one, and from what I've found in my research this issue is pretty common in this model. I'll have to take a look at whether or not we take it somewhere to get repaired, or maybe I can just make something happen on my own.

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