Tuesday, July 31, 2018

Summer Run Streak, Day #68

Running just shy of 10km tonight, after bedtime. Had strength training with the personal trainer this morning, which was good. I'm hoping to use those sessions to keep developing my core and balancing out my upper body, which has gone well so far. Was definitely tired tonight running, but wanted to get the distance in to make sure I covered 200km in July.

Learned how to get the toddler to nap today. Typically my wife does nap time with her, and I do more of the night bedtime. Today she explained how she does nap time, and I got her to sleep! It wasn't super easy but worked, so that made me feel pretty good about my parenting game.

Planning to take it easy tomorrow, hopefully getting a nap in so I can recover some from today's super active day. I think it's supposed to rain quite a bit tomorrow, so that'll force me to take it easy.

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