Tuesday, July 10, 2018

Summer Run Streak, Day #47

Up early this morning (even before the toddler!) to help my grandfather out with a project. Got home early enough that we all went out to a local bakery for breakfast. A fun if brief outing, but punctuated by a nasty fall and scrape on the toddler's arm and hands. Fortunately I now carry a first aid kit with me everywhere (I actually started during day hiking trips, so not a bad habit.)

Home mid-morning and had both kiddos to myself while my wife was at an appointment. Terrible. Overtired toddler plus fussy infant. Eventually they both chilled out a bit but not for long. Cleaned the kitchen all day during nap time, and made three pints of ice cream. Up to five pints total this summer, and have eaten 0/5 pints. Good for my waistline.

Made dinner, cleaned some more, and then did bedtime. Got out for a five mile run after bedtime, in some truly unpleasant humidity I still managed to enjoy the run. My inner opossum is dreaming of new runs, new goals, things I want to do to keep moving. I'm fighting sloth for sure, and a bit of depressed tendency. If I can get past that, and manage to get over my love of sleep, I'm sure I could do some pretty impressive stuff...

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