Sunday, July 1, 2018

Summer Run Streak, Day #38

First of July.

Got back this morning from vacation, decided to head out (amidst weather quality alert) for a mile at about noon. Was very hot. Only did a mile, but noticed the air quality issue, and also the humidity made it feel as if the air was the exact same temperature as my body. Just generally kind of an off-putting feeling, although I have to admit it certainly wasn't impossible to move in.

Went back out after the kids were in bed tonight for another four and three-quarters miles. Still very humid, but about twenty degrees cooler which really made a difference. My first two-a-day run of July. I'm hoping to do at least two runs a day through July, to keep my activity level up and also to help with my ability to deal with heat and humidity. By running on multiple parts of a day I should get some different conditions which I'm hoping gives me some versatility. Plus, June was a lackluster month for me in terms of running quality so I want to make up for lost time and really milk all the hours I can out of July.

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