Saturday, July 21, 2018

Summer Run Streak, Day #58

Just one mile tonight. This week ended up being a dramatic dial back week (will probably end up with 15 miles total.) due to the toe injury. Hopefully that's on the mend, but only time will tell.

Ended up running late tonight because nap time was late today, so then bedtime was later. Really had to drag myself out of bed to go running. Once I was on the move I was more or less OK, but it's hard to get amped up when I'm out that late at night. Additionally I've been really sore since the strength training the other day, so just uncomfortable all through my chest while I was running.

We're coming up on ten days of solid rain. Like, everyday has at least some chance of rain. So I'll have to be really smart about when and how long I run for. Friday is race day, and while I'd wanted to really put in a good effort at this race, I'm not convinced that plan will materialize as the weather looks rougher, and I'm injured. In any event I'll get another year in the books at that race (this should be year #5!) and I'll live to fight another day.

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