Sunday, August 5, 2018

Summer Run Streak, Days #69-#73

Once again I've fallen behind but I'm still going strong.

30 miles this week, starting off with a couple of strong 10k runs and then ending the week with a good 10 mile long run. The pace on the long run was faster than I'd like for a long run pace, but I was comfortable with the level of discomfort. I enjoyed it.

We've been working on potty training with the toddler. It has been going well. I'm still a bit nervous about it, but she's a confident kid and she can handle a lot of it herself. Many fewer accidents on day #2, and we're going to try a small outing tomorrow. Getting to a place where we won't be totally housebound will be nice.

It's a weird blindspot of this whole thing. When we talked about becoming parents I think I considered the baby phase, and also the little kid phase, but overlooked what a process something like potty training is. Being consistent, and also staying patient is trying but also rewarding. My wife and I actually put so much of that energy towards the little one that we were getting frustrated with each other. But a bit of a reset on the clock today and we're doing much better.

It's not so much a new normal as an ever evolving normal, I guess.

Got out for a 5 and three quarters mile hike this morning! It was fun to get moving in the woods again. It was really the first hike this year, where last year I was out at least once a week. Lately I'm clamoring for more trail running, so I'm hopeful that next year I'll be able the prioritize that a little bit, at least. All of that stuff is tough while the kids are little, but I want them to see a really active dad. An involved dad, too, so it takes some balance.

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