Saturday, August 18, 2018

Summer Run Streak, Day #84, #85, #86

Day #84 was a tough one. Very hot, nasty humidity. Ended up doing about 10k from an originally planned seven miles of speedwork, and I did throw some intervals in that were a bit hard but I wasn't really happy calling it a workout. The conditions were just not there.

Day #85 I headed out for about eight and a half miles, and I had intended them to be easier but actually ended up pushing pretty hard. Probably a symptom of not having done that second speed workout, I had some stuff in the tank to spare. The conditions were better, so I actually enjoyed the running more, but I lost the bandage on my right nipple, and the shirt I had just sand papered away at me until I was bloody. My wife ordered me some new runner specific nipple gear. I can't wait for that, the humidity in New England makes it so tough to keep the clear spots on.

Tonight (day #86) I went out for an easy barefoot mile. I'm hoping to put in a good long run tomorrow, so no need to stress it. Overall I'm feeling pretty good, and I've got some good hydration planned out for the run tomorrow. I also ordered some energy gels, so as the runs get closer to and over twenty miles I'll be in shape to keep myself fueled.

Had a battle with the toddler today over nap time. She just refused to go to sleep. I mean, it took about two hours which is a much longer time than usual. It was one of the rare days, though, where we all got to take a nap. So I'm running OK in terms of sleep but definitely nowhere close to my ideal. Soon enough we'll be back to the early morning, early bedtime routine, and as much as I hate to see the end of summer I expect we'll all be better rested from the regulation of our circadian rhythms.

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