Thursday, August 9, 2018

Summer Run Streak, Day #77

Six and a half miles tonight after bedtime. Sore spot in my lower abdomen. Think I pulled something during strength training this week, so we'll see what happens with that as time goes on.

Have another hour long easy run planned for tomorrow. I'm very excited for the time on the road. Once I'm out, I'm really loving moving. Dragging myself out on the other hand... gets harder as it gets later. I may go back to two-a-days just to try and get myself some more time running in the early morning, although I'm not certain that time frame will work for me super well once we're back to work.

Had a pretty busy day today, actually. Went and visited with some family, the toddler got to run around. Wore herself out, took a nap. Went out this evening for dinner and then to the zoo's Member night. Member night is basically a nice way of saying "large concentration of children missing bedtime and throwing fits." but whatever. She had fun. Fought sleep like a demon straight out of hell.

Witching hour (for the baby) was easier tonight, though. I'm sure that will change as I can remember it sort of ebbing and flowing when our oldest was this little.

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