Monday, August 13, 2018

Summer Run Streak, Day #79, #80

An interesting couple of days. I've been starting in at a training plan (although I'm hesitant to name the event yet.) and I was lacking in confidence about being able to cover the mileage in this first week. This week ended up totaling about 41 miles -- way more than I've covered in awhile.

Saturday I covered a barefoot mile, and took it easy, too. I don't really take rest days while streaking, but this was a day that I was doing my best to recover to be ready for the long run. The plan for Sunday was to cover 14-18 miles, and I ended up covering 15.5! I felt strong, too. I could have run another ten miles or so, with little effort. My mental game was pretty strong and I was really enjoying it. So overall, a pretty happy week, running wise.

This week will be another higher mileage week, with two speed workouts planned. I have a tempo run and a fartlek run planned, along with the easier miles. So we will see how that goes with the weather.

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