Tuesday, August 7, 2018

Summer Run Streak, Day #75

Just one mile tonight. We're in the midst of a heatwave, so I'm running late even though it means fairly oppressive humidity. Opted to go barefoot, so I was pretty happy during the run. I tend to obsess about time less when I'm barefoot, too much feedback to focus on.

Today was a tough day, otherwise. We were up early to go to the gym, and work on some strength. Toddler had an accident while in the kids room, so I had to go and change her. She wasn't too distressed by the whole thing, but I wasn't thrilled about the state of the changing facility. Talked to the management about it.

Anyway, the strength session was tough. My core is fairly chewed up. I have a plan that I'm following, although I'm reluctant to say I'm training for a specific event yet until details are ironed out. It's meant switching my rest day (easy day, during the streak) with a build day, so I can be OK with only having covered one mile today. I'll need to get some miles in tomorrow, but hey, I could stand to see the return of midweek miles.

Everyone actually managed a nap today, too. So that was good. We've been running on about five hours of sleep a night, which is starting to take it's toll. Hopefully today is a sign that we can at least start to get some of that sleep back during the afternoon.

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