Friday, August 31, 2018

Summer Run Streak, Day #98, #99

Had a close call tonight with our cat. We came home after a long day at work, and were lazing about watching TV, reading books, and playing with the kids. At some point either the toddler or myself accidentally let the cat out of the house, and we didn't notice until sometime later. He's my wife's cat, originally, as we had gotten him for her after we'd been living together for a few months. He is a good cat, and I have him pretty well trained to respond to treats. The dog freaked out while I was getting the toddler to bed, and my wife said there were two cats fighting in the street.

That's when I noticed the cat wasn't anywhere in the house. I know all of his hiding spots, so I checked thoroughly. I walked a lap of our neighborhood, and threw down some of his favorite treats on our stoop. Sure enough after a couple of hours he came back, chirping at me and purring. I brought him in and gave him some flea goop, but we'll keep him separated from everyone until I can give him a proper flea bath in the morning. He doesn't have any marks or anything, so I'm not concerned about his health otherwise.

It's tough because when my cat died a couple of months ago, we had a real dilemma around whether or not to tell our toddler. Her memory is still very much in development, so we're pretty sure she doesn't remember the cat at all, and thinks we've always had only one cat. I'm happy to not have to tell her our cat ran away, and that he probably wouldn't come back. But we will have to talk about being vigilant when he's around the door.

Serious speed workout yesterday and an easy four miles today. I actually ended up doing a ten mile run yesterday with about six of those miles being decent 2000m intervals. Felt tired at the end but happy to have done the work, and the work during the exercise was not too bad, either. Today's four miler had me really burned out, but I think I'm also feeling the effects of exhaustion. I haven't been getting enough hours of sleep at night. Maybe I can catch a few more over the weekend.

First real long run for this plan is on Sunday (well, what I'd consider long.) The plan calls for three hours, which I imagine to be in the neighborhood of 18-20 miles. I'm planning a route that's about 20 miles. I feel really strong though, so I'm not worried about the distance. I'm a bit worried about the time frame as the  weather in New England is going to turn unpleasant again any day now, and I also have a job mid morning on Sunday. It would be tough to go to work so run down from a long training run.

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