Wednesday, August 15, 2018

Summer Run Streak, #81, #82, #83

An eventful few days in my running.

Monday was an easy mile, just trying to get back on my legs after the long run. Felt OK if a bit sluggish. The weather is really tough here, lately. The pain in the lower part of my core seems to have resolved. Unfortunately, my wife is suffering a bout of postpartum carpal tunnel (I didn't know that was a thing.) So we've had to put our training sessions on hold. I did some core work and a weight session, I'll probably add a second one on Friday as well.

I'm following a plan that has an optional second speed workout in the week. I decided rather than just the hour long easy run I could do, I'd give the hour long tempo workout a try. Reviewed material on tempo running here from Runner's World.

I ended up logging three really solid miles at a tempo pace after a two mile warm up, and then gave myself a two mile cool down. I was very proud of the workout, it's been awhile since I've shown that kind of speed in a training session.

Tonight I went out for my easy run, just about 50 minutes (I covered about six miles.) But feeling pretty tired. Tomorrow is meant to be a fartlek day so I'm hoping to be better rested for that. It will cover about seven miles again, so this week will end up being another build week. I like that, though. It makes me feel as though I'm actually doing something.

I've registered for the Cape Cod Marathon on October 28th, so this is the race I'm training for. I'm not sure what my goal will be at this exact time, but for sure I'm more enthusiastic about this training cycle than I've been in a long time. This will be the 7th marathon I've run.

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