Friday, August 10, 2018

Summer Run Streak, Day #78

Went back to the zoo today to take the kiddos on one of the mini train ride things. The line had been crazy long at member night, and for $3/ticket we were content to come back. We also got some frozen lemonade, which was helpful because of how hot it was. Can't win. In New England we get sick of the winter by the end of January, and then we're also over Summer by July.

I hate running in both sets of conditions, but I certainly learn a lot from both. I've had some really good runs this week, even if the workouts have been made harder for the heat. Assuming I'm able to get my long run where I want it on Sunday, this will be one of my best weeks of running since my earlier marathon training cycle back in March.

Seven and half miles tonight! Felt pretty good, all in all. The paces on these easy runs have been harder than I need them to be, but the benefit being that it's getting me out of the heat and humidity sooner. As we get into August and the miles build up I may end up slowing those easier runs down so I have more in the tank for my workouts. Fun stuff.

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