Sunday, August 26, 2018

Summer Run Streak, Day #94 (Long Run Sunday)

Up for my first morning long run in awhile. Usually these are easier to fit in later in the day, but as we're back to work this week I need to get in the habit of training in the morning. I actually set my alarm for 4am, but the toddler was half awake so I was worried getting up would just rouse her further, and  I didn't want to head out on a long run leaving my wife with two awake kiddos.

Of course that didn't matter much because she never did go back to sleep.

The plan for today was a one hour and thirty minute progression run. I don't usually do workouts like this and I'm used to using plans where I just build or rest, so it's weird to have a dial-back week where I'm working harder. It was a really fun workout either way, and I've started taking my fueling a bit more seriously too -- starting with an energy shake about a half hour before running, and then using some gels at prescribed times. I also throw in an energy shot towards the end of my long runs. And sipping on water every mile and a half to two miles. All in all that seems to keep me pretty happy.

Of course one of the biggest challenges to working in the running before work is that I cover a lot of miles in a week. Where I need to do nine or ten miles in an easy run, that means I'll have to get up really early. Which means needing to go to bed REALLY early. And sometimes that's at the mercy of a toddler. Either way I have the prior experience of knowing that banging out some mileage is really empowering during a workday, and I get to ride an endorphin high all day at work, too. We'll see what happens.

Off to find breakfast!

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