Monday, June 4, 2018

Summer Run Streak, Day #11

One-and-done mile today, but did manage to cover almost five miles on foot at work, so I'm pretty content with that.

Also, ran before bedtime again, which is pretty exciting as I'm hoping it marks a coming change to my habits. In the realm of changing habits, I've also started looking up more vegetarian recipes, so I'm hopeful that I'll be able to map out some more low-calorie high-nutrient meals that will make dropping my extra ten pounds a bit easier.

I'm not sure I've really written about my vegetarianism before, but I should do that at some point. I'm not super preachy, and there are times when I eat meat, but I have been a vegetarian (sometimes stricter than others) for the past decade or so. I eat eggs as a good source of protein and fats, and I also don't limit cheese, although for stretches I've stuck to a vegan diet to help smooth out troubles I've had with acid reflux. Anyway, I'll have to do a post about that another time as there's a lot to say on the subject.

My body runs better with less animal protein in me, actually, and my fastest marathon time was one where I was not only monitoring how many calories I ate, but also limiting the protein sources to vegetables.  I should do that full time, probably, but I like food a whole bunch. So it's been a struggle.

Now I'm off to get a shower in before bed, which is a rare treat in my life as a parent.

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