Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Summer Running Streak, Days #58 and 59

Last night I had planned to go out for ten, but I got swept up in the motion and thinking about stuff and ended up extending it through my old neighborhood to come in at about thirteen miles. I haven't really done a run that long in July, so it was good to get the miles in, but I was foolishly unprepared -- no water bottle, no endurolytes, so I came back really dehydrated. Felt really woozy and took awhile to get right. Overall, though, not a terrible run. Really enjoyed myself and suffered no ill effects until after.

Tonight got out for four and a quarter miles, putting my current weekly total just shy of nineteen miles. That means with my ten mile race on Friday I will easily be able to hit thirty for the week.

Day #60 tomorrow! Planning an easy run to celebrate and allow me to get some rest before race day on Friday.

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