Thursday, July 14, 2016

Summer Running Streak, Day #46

3.4 miles tonight. 91% humidity according to NOAA, which made things tough, so I took it easy. Looking to just get in the time on my feet. Planning on a long run Saturday of about 10-12 miles, as I have a big hike the next morning. Will still plan to get in a run on Sunday, although I'm not planning more than a couple of miles just to keep the streak alive.

Then I'm running a ten mile trail race the next week! I don't do much running on trails (there aren't many trails in the city) so I am really excited about it. I'm choosing to not freak over it, as I've spent a decent amount of time on trails hiking, and I have run trail races up to the half marathon distance in the past. I'm pretty excited for it, actually.

Baby girl is crawling and babbling a lot now! She still likes being worn in the boba wrap though, which is nice for me. She slept on there for a few hours today (several one-hour segments) and that was good bonding time for us. But we also have a lot of fun playing and babbling back and forth. This kid is incredible, she's so happy.

My twitter is bustling, too, these days. I have never really used twitter before, and I (may have written this before) am impressed by the parenting community that has sprung up on the platform. I've even found some other endurance/outdoors like minded dads on there! Shout out to my peeps. There is something about showing up to twitter once or twice a week and finding a feed full of parenting articles and endurance sports that makes me feel really at home there. Good stuff.

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