Sunday, July 3, 2016

Summer Running Streak, Day #35

Out for 10k tonight during the biggest firework evening of the season. Stuck to some main roads, so for the most part I could just see the fireworks in the distance, but they were audible constantly. I figured main roads made the most sense, because people rarely stop on them, so less chance of running into folks drunk in public or lighting off fireworks in the middle of the road, which happens quite a bit on back roads this time of year.

Had a pretty good day, otherwise. Got some cleaning done, spent some time with the baby and caught up with friends from out of town. So odd to think a few years ago we were visiting and talking about life as recently married folk, then buying houses, and now raising kids. It is a new chapter in life, and one I welcome fully. I really love being a dad, and like seeing that reflected in the social circle as friends also find fulfillment in the new parental role.

Tomorrow is our Independence Day breakfast/brunch, which is a tradition my wife and I have been doing for some years now. I'm planning to make a mixed veggie frittata, some home fries, bacon, maybe some vegetarian sausage for me. We have been introducing the baby to more real food, so she'll get to try the frittata tomorrow -- quite a bit of pressure on me to deliver a good product!

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