Saturday, July 9, 2016

Summer Running Streak, Day #41

Feeling worn down from the hike yesterday, so I took it easy today. Decided to drag myself out this evening for four miles, because I figured the movement would be good for helping me recover. About a mile in, I was feeling in really good form so I focused on coasting in the rest of the way.

May end up being a 20 mile week instead of a 30 mile week. That's alright, I kept the streak going and I believe I am going to see some benefits from the hiking anyway. As it is I really only have two ten milers coming up in July, and then I'm looking towards some half marathons in the late summer/fall. I will run a marathon in the fall, but I haven't picked one yet. Partly I'd like my wife and daughter to be able to be there at the finish line. There's something about the idea of running 26.2 and then driving home all alone that I just don't love.

Had a good day, otherwise. Restful. Went to IHOP in the morning and the baby spent most of the time staring at other babies who stared back. She still loves eggs. This is a good thing. I eat lots of eggs. For dinner I made up a meat sauce in the cast iron skillet for my wife and little one, and I made some veggie meatballs for myself. All in all a pretty good day.

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