Monday, July 11, 2016

Summer Running Streak, Day #43

3.4 miles tonight, late. Having the time sync issue again with my watch, so I'll try out the stuff I tried last time to see what's up. Felt pretty solid on the run, just some easy miles. Absolutely ate garbage the last couple of days so I'm feeling some heart burn. I will need to get my diet in check as I enter this next part of the running streak, which will work more like traditional marathon training.

Baby girl is doing a lot of pulling herself up to stand! It's very exciting, but this new found mobility is also completely terrifying so I'll be running around and baby-proofing my whole existence soon. She's also trying lots of new foods, and is really enjoying all the bonding time we've been getting as a family this last couple of weeks. It is a good time, and one I'll be sure to look back on fondly when things get hard.

Tried out a pineapple upside down cake recipe in my cast iron skillet today! Came out OK, except that the skillet is so big that I don't really have a platter big enough to flip the cake onto. I'll need to get a better platter so I can post some photos of it -- the one from today came out a little mangled. Drizzled with some dark rum, it is still a pretty good cake and an easy enough recipe that I'll certainly make it again.

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