Thursday, July 28, 2016

Summer Running Streak, Day #60

Just one and a quarter miles tonight. Crazy humidity. Warm, too.

Feeling like I will take it easy before tomorrow's race, as well. I've run this race three times before, so with regards to the course I know what to expect (more or less) but with the race being at the end of July and in the evening, by the ocean, that means that weather and temperature are often really up in the air. If the conditions are good, I could run it pretty fast. If the conditions aren't great, it could be a real slog. We'll see.

The plan is for one of our friends to watch baby girl while I'm running and my wife is walking. I expect to only be gone about an hour and ten minutes, so that isn't too bad. But we'll see... she has a habit of screaming and crying when one of us is gone for a period of time...

Had a good day otherwise. Have been doing lots of cooking in the cast iron skillet, and looking into new recipes. We always start out with the best of intentions on cooking meals and somehow a couple of days in we end up ordering food. I'm planning to rebound on that, though, and will start making some real meals again this week.

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