Thursday, July 7, 2016

Summer Running Streak, Day #39

Later than usual social club meeting tonight, so I ended up only running one mile. Built in lots of rest through the day, felt pretty good. Took it easy because of the hike early tomorrow, but I also still have a goal of hitting 30-35 miles for the week. That is pretty do-able with a decent long run on Saturday, so I'm still sticking to my plan.

Starting tomorrow, however, I am making a pretty big change in that I'm planning to lay off beer save for my once-a-month social club. I am hoping between that and increased attention to my hydration I should be able to drop the pesky weight I've been working on for awhile. Here goes nothing.

Planning to hike a section of the Big River Trail in Exeter, RI tomorrow. It looks like it may rain, but I'm hoping that we will at least cover a few miles on foot. Shouldn't have the same crazy elevation changes on the Ell Pond trail, so my legs should have some time to recover on the move.

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