Monday, July 25, 2016

Summer Running Streak, Days #56 and #57

Did three and a half yesterday as recovery from the trail race. It was hot out, and I was still kind of beat. Upon getting home we packed up the car and headed up to a drive in, where I outfitted the Element with mosquito netting and turned the inside into a bed so we could lounge and watch the double feature of Ghostbusters (2016) and Star Trek: Beyond.

The baby slept on and off, and had fun crawling around in the car and climbing on us while we watched the movie. Good times. Got in really late, and then I didn't end up going to sleep until about five in the morning. Slept for a couple of hours, was up for a couple of hours, and that was sort of how today went.

Tonight I got in a mile and a quarter, slow, taking it easy. We're still in the midst of a heatwave so even at night it gets pretty steamy. Tomorrow is supposed to be my speedwork, but I may change it up depending on how I'm feeling. I'm also interested in getting some distance in this week, and seeing if I can hit 200km for the month, so we'll see what happens.

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