Friday, July 15, 2016

Summer Running Streak, Day #47

Brought the baby to the beach for the first time tonight! I got in a two mile run of the beach before we went in the water -- which she absolutely loved! I dipped her feet in the water first, then put her into this aquatic baby sling we bought, and we waded into the water. She giggled every time we got splashed by the waves. And she slept on the way home -- must have really tired herself out. Watching her experience sand, and the ocean for the first time was really cool.

The run I got in was from one end of the beach to the other -- about two miles. Fairly crowded, humid, but definitely a cool run. Also noticed that the far end of the beach links up very close to the road, so the next time we go I may see if I can sneak away and run the nearby wildlife sanctuary (which is a two mile trail loop.)

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