Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Summer Running Streak, Day #37

Out for about six miles tonight. Tonight's workout featured a two mile warm up, four reps on my Urban Mountain Goat (Urban Mountain Bunny, due to my new companion) and about a mile and a half cool down. Learning a lot from this run already.

Owing to the fact that I have three Strava segments on this course, I get a better sense of my pacing. The entire "Urban Mountain Goat" is an out and back of about a half mile, as discussed last week. I also have a quarter mile segment representing the last two hills (trough to peak) and a segment for the first hill in the segment (which is the third down hill, as well.)

Owing to all those segments, I can tell that I could spread the effort out more. On the first real climb my pace numbers look like this: 8:48/mi, 9:04/mi, 8:41/mi, and 10:22/mi. The last two hills have paces that look like this: 6:47/mi, 6:37/mi, 6:32/mi, and 6:17/mi. I'm happy about the progressive nature of the paces on those later hills, but clearly the effort needs to be distributed a bit more evenly.

As each of the hills is a different length, and grade, that is going to be a big part of the challenge of working out here. But it will keep things interesting for me, anyway, and keep me adaptable (I hope) to the individualistic nature of hill running.

Called it a night early due to the heat and humidity. I'm planning to get out there for five reps on this same set of hills next week -- but with the hiking, responsibilities of being a parent, etc. I'm aware that I need more rest than I am currently getting.

Little girl is practicing some new sounds now -- including "dah" and "gah"! Very exciting. She's also sitting up for long periods of time on her own, playing with toys and the like. I wore her for a good long time today during a nap, and it was nice to have that cuddly baby time. More often than not my wife has been the one enjoying that lately. I thoroughly recommend baby wearing, to new dads, by the way. Good bonding time and a heck of a core workout if you wear them long enough.

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