Sunday, July 17, 2016

Summer Running Streak, Day #49

Six mile hike this morning, then a one mile run in the evening. I will confess that I took a different route on tonight's run just to play around with the Pokemon app, and had some fun with it.

Moving into race gear for the next couple of weeks so Tuesday I will do some more hills, this time focusing on downhill technique and recovering on the climbs. Wednesday-Friday will be easy medium distance runs so I will be in good shape for Saturday's ten miler.

the twitter feed is up to 103 followers! There is a really great parenting/parent blog community on there and I really enjoy reading and interacting there.

Full disclosure if you just came from over there: this blog is more of a running journal that also chronicles my adventures as a new parent. I am not really writing for the audience, and I'm not doing sponsored posts or anything, this blog is really just for me. I am planning to keep it that way, but heading into the fall I will go back to my one big post a week, and otherwise blogging everyday I run during this streak (who knows how long that will go... hopefully a lot longer!)

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