Thursday, June 30, 2016

Summer Running Streak, Day #32

Went out for 4 miles tonight, just to see what I could do with my climbing goal of 2k meters for the month. When I got back I saw that Strava had me totaled at 1,908 meters, so I decided to hit up my Urban Mountain Goat loop a few times to bring in the last meters.

I ran it four times, this time not pushing on the hills (because it wasn't really a speed workout) I just focused on keeping an even pace. I certainly didn't run negative splits, but they weren't terrible all considering.

All week I've been running and seeing rabbits all over the place. Hopping along with and in front of me, really gracefully bounding off into the bushes in curvy patterns. I actually started thinking, "Hey, maybe I was wrong about this whole opossum thing, maybe the rabbit is more of my spirit animal."

As I came into the driveway from the mountain goat-ing I saw what I thought was one of my feral cats scurrying off into the back yard. Upon closer inspection, it was in fact an immense opossum. I didn't get too close to it or anything, so I didn't get hissed at by my spirit animal, but truly this is my spirit animal.

So with regards to my New Year's Resolutions: one of them was to "set and achieve a climbing goal at least 6 months of the year." I've been using Strava's 'climb' badge to set my goal and measure my effort, and doing that here are my results so far:

January: Goal of 1,000 meters. Climbed: 1,295 meters.
February: Goal of 1,500 meters. Climbed: 1,856 meters.
April: Goal of 1,750 meters. Climbed: 1,823 meters.
June: Goal of 2,000 meters. Climbed: 2,029 meters.

So, that's four months down. Two to go for that goal. Obviously, Strava is pushing the distances higher as we move into the summer and so July's goal is 3k meters of climbing. July should be a high mileage month for me, though, and I am starting to set heavier goals for myself in terms of hill workouts and midweek long runs. So we'll see if  I can meet it. I am hopeful, but as always getting lots of climbing in here is tough.

Going hiking tomorrow! Hoping to get in about 8 miles of good hiking, and then will do my mile or so to keep the streak alive.

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